A NASA engineer made a stunning discovery

A NASA engineer made a stunning discovery in 1964.

Every 176 years, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, enter a rare alignment, which means a spacecraft could slingshot from one planet to the next, reducing the trip from 40 years to 10.

The next alignment would occur in 13 years.

NASA launched the Voyager program.

In 1977, the spacecrafts left Earth at just the right moment.

The program found unimaginable discoveries, paving the way for future space missions.

The Founder of Space Adventures, Eric Anderson, shared this story and the “Windows of Opportunity” concept.

He describes it as “a rare set of circumstances and a brief moment of time in which an otherwise impossible outcome is potentially achievable.”

NASA recognized its Window of Opportunity in 1964.

Anderson explains how he examined his life and realized that his greatest successes came in these definable, transformative moments.

My consulting and lead gen business is off to a hot start.

Its recent launch is my Window of Opportunity.

Most agencies lost clients because of the pandemic.

Now, there’s a greater urgency to win new business.

Windows of Opportunity make it possible to “cut the line.”

But it’s up to you to notice it.

What is the Window of Opportunity opening for you at this moment?

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity

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