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Learn to Predictably Land Your Agency 6- and 7-Figure Opportunities

The agency landscape is changing. Clients are slashing budgets, bringing more work in-house, and relying more on project-based engagements.

All the while, B2B buying is changing. More decision-makers are involved in vendor selection, clients are more risk-averse, and sales cycles are getting even longer.

It’s harder than ever for agencies to be profitable, and agencies can no longer rely on their old ways of getting new business..

What if you had…

  • $A turnkey system to predictably land 6- and 7-figure opportunities?
  • $A cost-effective approach to build a robust pipeline even if you’re busy with client work?
  • $A step-by-step blueprint to get in front of decision-makers at large companies and win more significant deals?
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The Banach Agency Growth Strategy™: Online Course

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The Banach Agency Growth Strategy™ Online Course is a self-paced e-learning program to help agencies like yours predictably land 6- and 7-figure opportunities.

  • ZThe Banach Agency Growth Strategy™: Online Course (self-paced)
  • ZLifetime access to the online course, including over 3 ½ hours of video content, 5 modules, and 25 videos
  • ZFill-in-the-blank templates, worksheets, and checklists

You’ll get access to video lessons that help you blast through the roadblocks that have kept your agency from being consistent, taking action, and launching a lead gen program.

Each module comes with fill-in-the-blank templates, worksheets, and checklists to help ensure that you’re never starting from scratch and are completing every task.

included bonuses just for you

  • $Downloadable checklists, worksheets, and PDF guides
  • $Proven templates and scripts
  • $Lifetime access to the online course, including future updates

Meet your teacher mentor friend

I help agencies get off the revenue rollercoaster. My passion is reinvigorating agency leaders and empowering them with greater confidence in their agency’s and their own future. I have 20+ years of experience as an agency owner, new business director, and a sales team leader. In that time, I have won or helped agencies win millions of dollars of new business. I have learned a ton about the people, process, and technology necessary to get 6 and 7-figure opportunities from big companies predictably. I’m all about done over perfect, taking focused action, and designing a strategy that fits into YOUR agency, not the other way around.
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My system has generated millions of dollars of opportunities with companies like:

How the Online Course Works:

In each lesson, I’ll teach you how to build another part of your outbound business development system.


Lesson: The Banach Agency Growth Strategy Introduction


Lesson: Multiply Productivity by Assembling a Specialized Team


Lesson: Discover Pivotal Problems Your Agency Uniquely Solves

Lesson: Find Starving Audiences You Have the Right-To-Win

Lesson: Make Compelling Offers that are No/Low Cost

Lesson: Have Decision-Makers to Thank You for Pitching Them

Lesson: Get Dream Clients Using the Power of Words

Lesson: Launch Without A Big Investment Or Risk


Lesson: Accelerate ROI with Cutting-Edge Sales Technology


Lesson: Final Thoughts


What types and sizes of agencies are this course for?

The process in this course has been successful for small independent agencies of three to large global network agencies across all marketing disciplines including but not limited to creative, digital, public relations, market research, experiential, branding, shopper marketing, mar-tech, and social media among others.


How many hours can I expect to work on this?

With video lessons and working through the action items, you’re looking at 2-4 hours per module.

The course and free module will be available within weeks. Be notified when it becomes available!

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