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The agency landscape is changing. Clients are slashing budgets, bringing more work in-house, and relying more on project-based engagements.

All the while, B2B buying is changing. More decision-makers are involved in vendor selection, clients are more risk-averse, and sales cycles are getting even longer.

It’s harder than ever for agencies to be profitable, and agencies can no longer rely on their old ways of getting new business.

What if your agency had…

  • $A partner with a system that lands you 6- and 7-figure opportunities predictably?
  • $A way off the revenue rollercoaster that requires minimal agency time and resources?
  • $An extension of your biz dev team that sets meetings for you with leading companies?
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Outsourced Lead Generation Services

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Phase 1: Design a customized lead generation strategy that lands your agency 6- and 7-figure opportunities predictably.

  • ZDefine Your New Business Goals & KPIs
  • ZDiscover the Pivotal Problems Your Agency Uniquely Solves
  • ZFind Starving Audiences You Have the Right-To-Win
  • ZMake Compelling Offers that are No/Low Cost
  • ZGo-To-Market Without A Big Investment or Risk

Phase 2: Implement and execute the strategy on behalf of your agency and get meetings booked with decision-makers at enterprise companies.

  • ZStop relying on unpredictable referrals and word-of-mouth
  • ZLaunch new service offering or break into new markets
  • ZScale faster with minimal time or agency resources
  • ZWin more prominent client logos and go up-market
  • ZGet around the RFP process and avoid expensive pitches

Meet your teacher mentor friend

Hi, I’m Christian. Over the last 20 years, I’ve been an agency owner, sales team leader, and new business director.

I started a concert promotion and experiential marketing agency in high school and would grow it to over $10MM in sales.

My passion is reinvigorating agency leaders and empowering them with greater confidence in their future.

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My consulting, training, and outsourced services have led to millions of dollars of opportunities with:

How Outsourced Lead Generation Services Work:

Outsourced Lead Generation has two phases: Target Market Strategy and Lead Generation Implementation/Execution.

Phase 1: Target Market Strategy

I will lead a series of (6) 2-hour workshops over one month to help you get clear on the problems your agency uniquely solves, your right-to-win audience, and how to go-to-market.


Workshop 1: Kick-Off, Discovery, & Knowledge Transfer

Workshop 2: Agency Immersion Workshop

Workshop 3: Value, Audience, & Offer Definition Workshop

Workshop 4: Target Market Strategy Workshop

Workshop 5: Strategic Review & Recommendation Meeting


  • Goal Summary
  • Value Proposition Recommendation
  • Ideal Company Profile
  • Buyer Persona
  • Target Account ScorecardTarget
  • Account List
  • Content Recommendation
  • Compelling Offer Recommendation
  • Strategic Review Meeting

Included Bonuses

  • Lifetime access to The Banach Agency Growth Strategy Online Course
  • Downloadable checklists, worksheets, and PDF guides
  • Proven templates and scripts


Completion of RFI, submission of agency sales and marketing collateral, and participation from agency leaders in video conference workshops and homework.

Phase 2: Implementation & Execution Pilot

The outbound lead gen pilot program will be divided into 60-day Sprints that consist of two 30-day parts, Campaign Strategy/Planning and Campaign Execution. Each Sprint targets a pre-established number of accounts.


Service: Account-Based Approach

Service: Personalized Messaging at Scale


  • Sprint Strategy/Planning Sessions
  • Outbound Campaign Sprints
  • Contact Data for Prospects
  • Cutting-Edge Sales Technology
  • Sprint Retrospective & Outcome Report


Completion of RFI, submission of agency sales and marketing collateral, and participation from agency leaders in video conference workshops and homework.


What types and sizes of agencies is outbound lead gen for?

Outsourced Lead Generation Services are for small independent agencies to large global network agencies across all marketing disciplines, including but not limited to creative, digital, public relations, market research, experiential, branding, shopper marketing, mar-tech, and social media, among others.


How much time commitment should I plan for each phase?

Each workshop in Phase 1 is approximately 2 hours long and has 2 hours of homework. The Phase 2 Sprint Strategy/Planning Sessions and Sprint Retrospectives are 1-2 hours each month. Agency leaders will lead meetings with prospects each month and handle nurturing and closing the business.

online course

Target Market Strategy

Get clear on the problems your agency uniquely solves, your right-to-win audience, and how to go-to-market

Group coaching

Prospecting Training

Get trained on the most effective strategies and tactics to connect with busy decision-makers at enterprise companies


Lead Gen System Implementation

Get help designing and implementing an in-house system that generates leads from enterprise companies predictably


Outsourced Lead Gen

Get meetings booked with decision-makers at enterprise companies by
outsourcing your lead generation


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