What is a Sales Cadence? 2x Your Outbound Sales With These 7 Steps

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Rhythm. Patter. Pace. Flow. They matter greatly in music, in sports and in sales. For agency new business, it’s critical to have a clearly defined sales cadence that outlines the number of touches, how frequently they’re made, and the content of each touch. A sales cadence strategy is cornerstone to a proactive outbound sales program. Without …


5 Essentials of an Effective Sales Voicemail for Outbound Sales

5 min read 311 views

One overlooked business development skill is: leaving a sales voicemail. Without effective voicemails, you’re going to get fewer callbacks, fewer email responses, and fewer meetings. Without a steady stream of meetings, your agency’s new business program will suffer. When the pipeline dries, it leads to less-predictable revenue and an increasing reliance on the unpredictable referral. As …


It’s Okay To Be Different: Positioning Your Agency to Stand Out from Competitors

5 min read 537 views

When it comes to your agency’s new business program, differentiated positioning is the foundation of an effective sales strategy. Given the near-demise of the Agency of Record concept, differentiation has never been more critical. Today, clients work with a network of agencies they can draw on, assigning work on a project-by-project basis that plays to strengths. …


Your Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Ideal Customer Profile for Outbound Sales

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To better reach sales goals and gain a deeper understanding of your core customer base, agencies should begin their business development program by creating an ideal customer profile. This provides your sales and marketing teams with a clear, well-defined set of characteristics of the best clients for your agency’s services. But, be realistic about what you …


5 Steps to Quickly Build a Lucrative and Targeted Sales Lead List

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You’ve written a great introduction email and have prepared an inspiring cold-call pitch, but how do you actually get in touch with and make contact with the prospect? Calling the company’s switchboard or filling out their website “contact us” form are not efficient or effective ways to connect with senior marketing decision-makers for agency new business. …