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When I run, I typically take the same route

When I run, I typically take the same route. 🏃 I start at the lake and go past the baseball fields. When I reach the school, I always turn left. ⬅️ The route loops around the neighborhood for 2 miles, bringing me back to the school. But on a recent run, something...

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I had a date last weekend

I had a date last weekend (yes, ladies, I am single). However, it didn't go well. It started fine. But the conversation steered towards health choices, religion, and foreign policy. The date had very strong stances. She positioned herself as an authority on each...

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New Business Leads

CMO'S ON THE MOVE CMO changes are the #1 indicator of new business opportunities. Does your agency have a system to target and land these opportunities predictably? Week of August 30, 2021 McDonald's Wanda Young Chief Marketing Officer Coinbase Kate Rouch Chief...

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It was the 80s

It was the 80s. Michael Jackson's had Thriller—the best-selling album of all time 🤩 He created a dance craze with the moonwalk. 🕺 There was the jacket, the glove, and the socks. Everything Michael Jackson touched turned to gold. But there was one area missing for...

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Banksy is the world’s most famous street artist

Banksy is the world's most famous street artist. He's known for his politically charged work. The Art of Banksy exhibit recently opened in Chicago. Whenever I go to shows, there's one piece that speaks to me. It was "Consumer Jesus" this evening. The piece shows...

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I sat crossed-legged on my living room floor

I sat crossed-legged on my living room floor. Then a strange sound began emitting from the refrigerator. I lived in the house for years. But I never noticed it. I was trying to mediate for the first time. However, the noise was too distracting. I had read article...

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In a few weeks, my daughter, Bianca, will turn 10 years old

In a few weeks, my daughter, Bianca, will turn 10 years old. Over the last few months, I've seen a change. Bianca's life was once Barbie and mermaids. But now, there are 'mean girls' and boys, making life more complex. Mom and Dad no longer take care of everything....

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I noticed something

I noticed something. When I started these Monday Motivation posts, they were often short. Early on, I got positive feedback. But with that came pressure to share something profound each week. I noticed the posts were skewing longer and longer. Maybe it's imposter...

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I have a superpower

I have a superpower. But like many superheroes, mine can be a curse. My superpower is organization. In the workplace, this makes me efficient. It enables me to hyperfocus. And leads to high productivity. In my personal life, this enables me to build positive habits. I...

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