Growing up, I often felt like an outsider

Growing up, I often felt like an outsider. I often felt unnoticed in social settings. But in the classroom and on the sports field, it was different. I was smart and a great athlete. My brains and athleticism got me noticed and attracted friends. But outside of these...

At 18, I founded a live events company

At 18, I founded a live events company.   With dreams of producing worldwide energizing experiences, I named it Global Adrenaline. With no experience, why was I capable of building a global company? Jim Collins in “Built to Last” talks of exceptional...

When we’re growing up

When we’re growing up, society often tells us that we’re not old enough.   And then one day, without warning, society tells us that we’re too old. We’re persistent when we’re young. But, unfortunately, after a certain age, we often...

It was the week after Thanksgiving

It was the week after Thanksgiving,   And the beginning of a mad dash to close out the year. See, my first company put on Chicago’s top New Year’s Eve event each year at the Hilton Chicago. It had it all… Grammy Award-winning performers like...

Thanksgiving will look different this year

Thanksgiving will look different this year.   No travel. No large family gathering. No hugs. Probably like you, the pandemic interrupted my life at home and work. WFH, a salary reduction, clients pulling back, e-learning, and canceled activities. While it may...
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