Bianca, my daughter, was worried

Bianca, my daughter, was worried.

It was Tuesday.

Her science test was on Friday.

It was supposed to be tough.

I told her I would help.

I quizzed her using her study guide.

Bianca only got 20% correct.

We had work to do.

I asked her to make flashcards.

Wednesday, I quizzed her.


I instructed her to focus on the questions she got wrong.

Another quiz on Thursday.


We created mnemonic devices to remember the answers easier.

Friday, our final prep quiz.

95%… progress!

When we spoke after school, Bianca laughed.

“I wish we didn’t waste time studying so much, Dad.”

“The test was easy. I got an A.”

I asked, “did everyone in the class think it was easy?”

She said, “no, only a few.”

“Perhaps the test was easy because you studied hard all week?” I inquired.

“Remember your first quiz scores?”

Bianca undervalued her achievement.

She took the time and energy invested for granted.

The following Monday I spoke to a prospective client.

The ask was straightforward.

“We do this in our sleep,” I thought.

I was inclined to quote the project low.

It was ‘easy’ for us.

But then I remembered Bianca.

Was this project actually quick and easy?

The prospect doesn’t have our knowledge, skills, or resources.

Maybe since the project’s in our sweet spot, we’re taking it for granted.

I doubled the fee and sent the quote.

Hours later, the prospect asked to formalize an agreement.

Don’t undervalue what you do.

It’s taken you years of practice, hard work, trial, and error.

Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.

Don't Overvalue What You Are Not And Undervalue What You Are

Christian Banach

Christian Banach

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